This website has a combination of Art Quilts and Abstract Paintings

About the Artist

Art Quilts



  •  I currently create two kinds of Art Quilts - one is abstract and one is what could be called whimsical.  When creating an abstract Art Quilt, I begin with a color that attracts me. I choose fabric in that and other colors that mix well and then free-cut the fabric into shapes and combine them in an improvisational way. My whimsical quilts begin with a theme such as "house" or "cat". Since I am very sensitive to colors, I next choose them.  My goal is to bring smiles to faces and touch
    the hearts of many.


  •  Patricia uses brilliant colors and flowing forms in many of her works of art and, although the works might be called abstract, one frequently finds recognizable images in them. She uses a variety of media including acrylics on unprimed canvas, pastels and watercolors. A luminescent glow seems to emanate from many of her canvases.​